distilled respect tastes better than regular respect.

so, the much anticipated respect sextet gigs have finally happened, and we’re all the better for it. unfortunately, our lovely and [extremely] talented bassist malcolm kirby could not be with us for the trifecta of gigs, but his absence was covered by NYC based australian [of love and respect] matt clohesy. matt did an excellent job tuning into the group’s complex inner workings and simple outer undoings within our limited [about 2 hours] of rehearsal time before the first gig in toronto.

the weather in toronto was cold and there were less people at the festival [, distillery jazz [directory style]] than we had anticipated/hoped, but spirits were strong, and hot dogs were expensive… [ guess it was canadian money afterall]. the first night’s gig [read: the “avant garde” gig] went very very well and was, after about five minutes of playing to the sound men, very well attended. the second night’s gig [read: the “straight ahead” gig] was in a much larger venue, and was spotty in terms of audience, but we’re pretty sure a large portion of that had to do with the number of people that were there. the group sounded good, and headed home.

saturday night was the homecoming concert [of love and respect]. very few peopel showed up to these sets, however, we managed to get an incredible recording of the evening, and are in the process of preparing it for public release!

all in all, a great weekend!
until next time!

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