Hhwhaaat?!?! Hhwhaaaat?!?!?! Yaaayyuhh!!!!!!

We daresay it is about time. And the hokey pokey. All about the hokey pokey. (Except for James, who doesn’t like the hokey pokey! Have you ever heard of such a thing? Me neither! Holla!)

Time, we sez. Time for some Respect! A bunch of gigs coming up, including Wednesday, October 1, at Cornelia Street Cafe; Sunday, October 26, at Brooklyn Lyceum; and Saturday, November 8, at The Stone.

And we’re eagerly awaiting the release of our new CD on Mode Records, scheduled for early 2009. Keep your ear to the ground for more word on that.

Also, a new website is right around the mountain and will be riding six white horses when it comes, when it comes.

Spread the respect! Huzzah!

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