Vote “Respect” in the 2009 New Sounds Listener Poll!


When you get a moment (it takes about 15 seconds), click on the link above and vote for the Respect Sextet’s “Sirius Respect” (named by the WSJ “one of the most compelling recordings of the year” and filed under “LOVE IT” by Newsweek magazine) in the 2009 New Sounds Listener Poll from WNYC, New York Public Radio!

Sirius Respect

The poll closes at 12PM EST on 1/7/10, so get in there and make your voicing of our voice (which we humbly request herein) heard!

Sirius Respect was chosen as one of Soundcheck’s “Picks of the Week” on May 22, 2009. About the album, host John Schaefer said:

“The late avant-garde jazz bandleader Sun Ra claimed he was born on the planet Saturn. His birth certificate said Alabama, but that must’ve been a government cover-up. Now, Sun Ra’s music has been paired with another “child of the cosmos,” the late German avant-garde classical composer and provocateur Karlheinz Stockhausen. Thanks to New York’s Respect Sextet, the combination works. The Respect Sextet displays the formal structure and melodic gifts of Sun Ra’s music, and focuses on Stockhausen’s Zodiac pieces, like this one. It’s neither jazz nor classical, but something cosmically both.”

Spread the word if you’re so inclined!

Thanks and happy holidays from The Respect Sextet!

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P.S. The Respect Sextet encourages one and all to give the gift of Respect this holiday season. It’s the gift that keeps on giving (you gotta give it to get it, remember!), and it’s oh so important to give your friends and loved ones the respect they so richly deserve!

“Sirius Respect” (our newest one, which, with your help, will ideally overwhelmingly win the above poll) is available just about everywhere, including iTunes and Our previous albums are always available here on this site.

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