New Album!

The Respect Sextet is excited to announce the release of Farcical Built For Six on August 17th, 2010. Farcical is the first studio album of band originals since 2003, and will be available stream, enjoy, and purchase at Respect’s Bandcamp page, and other fine online retailers. Friend of the Sextet, Elliot Kirby, created the beautiful cover!

We are also excited to announce that the release show for Farcical Built for Six will happen in NYC at Le Poisson Rouge on the release date proper, Tuesday, August 17th, at 10:00pm. (See the events page for complete details.)

As if we weren’t excited enough already, we are very pleased to announce that vocalists Toby Twining and Eric Brenner will open the show with a mix of solos and duets, as well as barn-burning renditions of two of Toby’s greatest hits, featuring Mr. Twining, Mr. Brenner, and Mr. Respect Sextet!

+ + + + + +

Farcical Built for Six is the special digital-only, outrageous and eclectic follow-up to the acclaimed Sun Ra and Stockhausen tribute album, Sirius Respect. The Respect Sextet’s first original studio recording since their 2003 debut, Farcical welds together deep, odd grooves, wry and playful jazz ditties, thoughtful solos, and spacious improvisations into an utterly unique ride that’s both fun and functional! No doubt about it, this is vintage Respect—sure to leave a smile on your face and a furrow on your brow…at the same time!

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Hope to see some of you at the release show!

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