All About Jazz Declares Respect “Best Moment” of Rochester Jazz Festival

From July’s All About Jazz:

“…I would single out one moment above all as my favorite: when the Respect Sextet charged into a spirited rendition of Albert Ayler’s “Truth is Marching In” at a street concert. I shook my head and marveled at the sight of Ayler’s music being played to a crowd of street revelers, 75% of whom had no idea who Albert Ayler was. The piece got a great cheer at the end. Who would’ve thought that 36 years ago when he died, Ayler’s music would have this much of a reach? He must have been looking down and smiling.”

Well–the accolades keep coming. Thank you All About Jazz for giving Respect the credit that it so richly deserves. To read even more about our amazing performance, either pick up a copy of All About Jazz in NYC, or read about it via the interweb by clicking here.

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